IT WAS A SELL OUT! The cast and crew THANK everyone who came along and saw the show… And if you haven’t yet seen the latest reviews – take a look.

Running Time: TBC
PG: 12+
Wednesday 21st – Saturday 24th September 2022
7.30pm at Malborough Village Hall


Calendar Girls

Our latest show and what a ‘show’ it was…

“KATS can always be relied upon to provide first class entertainment…”


Please note you must be a member of KATS to perform in our productions. Membership is £50 per year.


Based on the true story of eleven WI members who posed nude for a calendar to raise money for the Leukaemia Research Fund, Calendar Girls opened at the Chichester Festival Theatre and has since become the fastest selling play in British theatre history.

When Annie’s husband dies of Leukaemia, she and her best friend Chris resolve to wring some good from their sadness. When they convince four fellow members of the WI to pose nude for an alternative calendar, what begins as a plan to buy a new settee for the local hospital turns into an international media sensation. With hordes of press descending on their small Yorkshire village, Chris and Annie’s friendship is put to the test by their new-found fame as they discover just how far a great idea can take you.

Behind the scenes

Cast & Crew Members

Director - Christine Bonner

Christine joined KATS in 2007 for KATS first play, Beside the Seaside. Since then, she has played many roles in both plays and musicals, but this is the first time she has directed for KATS. She loves the play Calendar Girls: it’s quirky, poignant, and hilarious. For every laugh-out-loud moment, or eccentric touch, there are equal moments of reflection and pause. She is completely in awe of all the brave ladies of the Society who have been willing to pose nude.

Jill Brock - Annie

Jill wasn’t going to be in Calendar Girls. She was planning a relaxing summer, after having been involved in two productions already this year. She came to the read-through out of curiosity but laughed – and cried – so much that she was hooked. It’s been a privilege to be part of the team and to help tell this wonderful story.

Jules McColl - Chris

Jules has been with KATS for 10 years… but this is the first time she has removed her clothes! Such a brilliant play to be part of … and very proud to stand beside her colleagues in such a poignant but funny show…. No binoculars please!

Jackie Hodges - Jessie

Jackie is loving being back on-stage with KATS after a long absence. Performing in this incredible play was on her bucket list: the story is one to which she relates personally (not the strip-off bit!!). Rehearsals with such a fab cast and crew have been uplifting (one way of putting it!) and hilarious.

Apple Taylor - Ruth

Apple joined KATS 8 years ago and has appeared in plays, musicals and has also been involved in costume, set painting and make up. She can also be found moonlighting with other companies such as ‘M.A.D’.,’Salcombe Players’, ‘Inn Theatre’,’ TOADS’ and Murder Mystery Troupe, ‘Murders Assured’.

Apple first got involved with ‘Calendar Girls’ as part of the costume team for the musical version at Exeter Northcott earlier this year. When the chance came round to throw her hat in the ring for a part in the original play version with K.A.T.S. this Summer, she was ready!

Helen Mitchelmore - Cora

Helen joined KATS in 2007, but this is her debut performance in a play. She’s so pleased to be part of this wonderful cast in memory of ‘my John’ who sadly passed away two years ago through cancer. She plays Cora in her best Welsh accent which she still hasn’t lost after living in Kingbridge for forty years!

Dee White - Marie

Dee started acting in the Midlands with 2 theatre groups and an amateur grand opera group. She got into it late in life, by accident and loved it. Moving down to Devon she took part in Fiddler on the roof and then had a role in Murder in Play. She always wanted to do Calendar Girls and was delighted to step in to play Marie.

Julie Cardrick - Brenda Hulse/Lady Cravenshire

Julie has joined KATS in the chorus for a couple of musicals including Fiddler on the Roof but this is her first time in a straight play. It’s also her first time with a speaking part and what a fabulous play to start with. She has really enjoyed being part of this small, talented cast and if you have as much fun watching, as we have had rehearsing, you are in for a treat.

Grant Davis - John

Grant has been with KATS for eleven years, appearing in many productions. Sadly, he still can’t act.

Jo Kelly - Elaine

This is Jo’s first show with KATS and she is so excited and proud to be a part of this fabulous Amateur Dramatic group. She’s looking forward to the live performances and wonderful new opportunity.

Karina Tyszkiewicz - WI Member

Karina is thrilled to perform in her second production with KATS. She was encouraged to participate in the Calendar Girls by an amazing story that will make you laugh and cry. She enjoys working with such passionate people.

Teresa Chapman - WI Member

Teresa has been a member of KATS since 2002. She has appeared in every musical and a number of plays until lock down. She says, it is so fantastic to be back rehearsing with everybody and meeting new members, who are in the cast. She cannot wait for opening night of this fantastic play.

Nate Fox - Rod

This is Nate’s second time on stage with KATS following his debut in 9 to 5. He’s excited to be back, playing Rod Harper in Calendar Girls. He likes how the play combines drama and comedy so well. It’s been great being part of a such a brilliant cast!

Caroline Sheard - Celia

Caroline’s last outing on the stage was as a haggard witch in Macbeth so she is very much looking forward to this more glamorous role in Calendar Girls. When offered the chance to play Celia there was no hesitation as she feels this play champions and embraces women in their “most glorious phase”! She adds,” it has been a joy and a privilege to be part of this sterling team of cast and creatives.”

Fun fact: Caroline is no stranger to a “nude” calendar either, having previously appeared as “Ms April” in a charity calendar inspired by the original WI calendar.

Alex Dower - Lawrence

Alex grew up in the South Hams and has always been involved in theatre. He has performed at the Royal National Theatre, in the West End and also in film & TV: in Jurassic World, Banged up Abroad and many other productions, playing roles as diverse as Hamlet in Hamlet, Ivanov in Ivanov and Shaggy in Scooby Doo.

He is also a teacher and theatre & film director and has worked in prisons, refugee camps, mental health rehabs and orphanages all around the world, winning several awards and fulfilling a childhood ambition to use theatre to try to make a difference in people’s lives.

Ben Sheard - Liam

Ben has been a part of a handful of productions throughout the years involving a wide variety of production genres, ranging from Shakespeare, naturalism, musicals, and pantomimes. The most recent production was Our Town, performed in Kingsbridge Community College. He is currently at the start of a Gap Year, where he intends to make some money preferably within a theatre.

Ben was originally hesitant about taking the part of Liam in this particular production but after being assured that the scene he’ll be in includes no nudity, he was happy to oblige and after reading Liam’s scene, thought it could be quite fun.


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KATS has been entertaining local audiences for over 100 years, with Trial by Jury as the first production in 1901.

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