Sold out houses and an extra row of seats put in! The KATS shows are in demand…

Running Time: TBC
PG: 12+
Wednesday 4th – Saturday 7th October 2023 at Malborough Village Hall


And Then There Were None

Director and Designer: Jill Brock.
Assistant Director: Nate Fox Stage Manager: Sarah Fox

And Then There Were None was a wonderful challenge for our talented group of actors and staging this suspenseful drama raised the bar again for KATS performances and scene setting! 

We are always on the look out for new members who would like to get involved. Simply send us a note and we will be in touch.

Please note you must be a member of KATS to perform in our productions. Membership is £50 per year.

On location…

The And There Were None cast enjoying the sun in ‘dressed for the day’ photo session by Andy Chapman. Images taken on location courtesy of Burgh Island Hotel.

Was a fantastic day and such a phenomenal opportunity to be photographed at Burgh Island Hotel… we can’t think of a more apropriate place to capture the cast for the upcoming Agatha Christie play.

Meet the cast…

L to R (Back Row) Dina White, Christine Bonner, Jordan Davis, Nate Fox, Mike Davies
L to R (Front Row) Sarah Robens, Jules McColl, Sarah Montague, Sarah Bird

Cast Members

Sarah Bird: Toni Marston/Freda Narracott

This is Sarah’s second show with KATS. Sarah taught Drama for 8 years in Derby, slowly working her way south to find her corner of the world. Sarah is playing two characters – Toni has a zest for life, sports cars and fun. Narracott, a helpful sort if a little put upon. Sarah would like to stress that in no way was it a challenge to play either of these characters. However, Toni and Sarah will be at the bar after the show – Narracott meanwhile will be well tucked up in bed!

Christine Bonner: Miss Emily Brent

Christine joined KATS in 2007 for their first play, Beside the Seaside, and has been lucky enough to play many principal parts in both plays and musicals since. She’s enjoyed rehearsing with this talented group to create this dark psychological thriller, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Mike Davies: General Mackenzie

Mike has over 50 years of stage experience. He joins us from Playgoers Society of Dartington Hall where he recently directed All My Sons by Arthur Miller and Suddenly Last Summer by Tennessee Williams. Acting credits at Dartington include Lyon in The Pitman Painters, Falstaff in Twelfth Night and Hardcastle in She Stoops to Conquer. Mike has been a regular with KATS over the years, directing Steel Magnolias and Entertaining Angels most recently as well as many onstage performances.

Jordan Davis: Captain Philip Lombard

Jordan has previously acted in Little Shop of Horrors as the Dentist and Prospero in Return to the Forbidden Planet at the Theatre Royal. He is excited to be part 
of the KATS production of And Then There Were None as Agatha Christie is timeless and the play is legendary. Being a natural “wind-up” Jordan has enjoyed playing Captain Lombard whose dry wit and sarcasm riles many other characters. At times Jordan has been known to get the cast laughing at the most serious of moments!/p>

Nate Fox: William Blore

This is Nate’s fourth show in a row for KATS. Having stretched his comedic muscles previously, Blore is his biggest and most dramatic part. Along with acting, Nate has taken on the role as assistant director, helping Jill with creative aspects with the hope that one day he might step into the director’s chair himself.

Jules McColl: Dame Laura Wargrave

Having recently been in My Fair Lady and Calendar Girls where there were plenty of laughs – this is a spine-tingling chiller! This is Jules’ first time in an Agatha Christie production, and she is thrilled that Jill Brock is directing. She says, “I am scared so goodness knows how the audience are going to feel – hope you are not afraid of the dark!

Sarah Montague: Miss Vera Claythorne

As well as being a professional performer, Sarah has been involved with many amdram groups where she has played several principal roles. Her last show with KATS she played a psychopathic ghost, it seems not a lot has changed! She is thrilled to be back and to take on this very complex role.

Sarah Robens: Dr Edwina Armstrong

Sarah has enjoyed performing in various KATS productions, on and off over the last 17 years. When she first donned a beard to play a male bottle-dancer in Fiddler on the Roof, a disguise which resulted in an allergic reaction to the beard glue ended in a decision never to don a beard again! Having played both leads and ensemble parts, Sarah has always enjoyed the camaraderie and creativity of KATS, both for herself and her two daughters who have also been welcomed into productions over the years. This is the first non-musical that Sarah has been in since A-Level Drama, many, many years ago – so apologies in advance if she breaks into song!

Joe Simmonds: Thomas Rogers

Joe has a National Diploma in Performing Arts and returns to KATS for his second performance after multiple roles in My Fair Lady. As a fan of Agatha Christie, he was keen to audition for And Then There Were None. Joe has been cast as Rogers the butler and having worked for many years in hospitality Joe feels an affinity with his character. Joe says he is proud to be part of KATS.

Dina White: Mrs Ethel Rogers

This is Dina’s fourth production with KATS and her first speaking role. Other productions include Oliver, Singing in the Rain and My Fair Lady, all of which she participated in the ensemble. Dina also performs with Salcombe Players and has played lead roles including Elvira in Blithe Spirit and Polly in the murder mystery Dead at the Deep End. Dina is really excited to be part of this production and hopes you enjoy the show.



The Plot

And then there were none

Christie’s book of the same name, on which her play is based, remains the biggest selling crime novel of all time.

August 1939. Europe is on the brink of war. Ten strangers are lured to a mansion on a remote island off the Devon coast by a mysterious host. As a storm approaches and cuts them off from the mainland, one by one, each guest is murdered.

They soon realise that the killer is one of them and that “None of us will ever leave this island…”

This is a dark and chilling psychological drama in which each of the strangers hides a dreadful secret.

Our Production

Continuing the legacy

First produced in London in 1943, And Then There Were None is more of a thriller than a who-dunnit.

Agatha Christie said that the plot line of And Then There Were None was her most difficult to devise and that she was extremely proud of the result. The book would be a great place to start if you are interested in being involved with this production.

The plot is complex and detailed. The characters are fascinating and multi layered. At the core of this play lie the relationships between ten strangers from various walks of life and social classes. How will they each react when their crimes are revealed? What lengths will each go to to survive? How will they interact as suspicion sets in? What justice and punishment lie in store for them?

Despite the chilling plot line there is a good deal of humour in the characters, their relationships and their situation, particularly at the beginning of the play. The plot needs this relief to keep it real and authentic. We will look for all appropriate opportunities to bring light as well as shade throughout the play.

To reflect and enhance the mood and atmosphere we are commissioning an original music underscore. Our experienced lighting and sound teams are also excited to be involved in the creative process right from the start in providing the special effects.

Lastly, there’s an obvious local connection to Burgh Island to exploit and enjoy – Christie is reported to have used it as inspiration for the location of her story. We’re hoping we can set up a photoshoot and spend time there for the cast to get a feel for this special place.


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