Calling out for cast members to audition for this sparkling, sharp-witted new comedy… the next KATS production!

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Sheila’s Island

KATS are on the search for players to feature in the upcoming show…

PLAY READINGS: (Everyone Welcome)
9th April 7.30pm: at the home of Jules McColl, Thornfield, West Alvington, TQ7 3PG

11th April 7.30pm: Dodbrooke Church Hall

AUDITIONS: (Pre booked)
23rd April and 25th April 7.30 pm: Dodbrooke Church Hall

Wed 25th to Sat 28th September 2024

If you are interested in being involved in this production, please call Mike Davies on 07884 496789 or email for more information and to let us know you will be attending the auditions.

If you are interested but cannot make the audition dates please let us know so we can arrange to see you.

Sheila’s Island by Tim Firth, Directed by Mike Davies, Written by Tim Frith (Calendar Girls).

Sheila’s Island is about 4 women suffering the kind of hellish bonding experience some companies used to enjoy inflicting on their employees. They are on some kind of treasure hunt in the Lake District. As the play opens all four crawl onto the stage/island soaking wet because their boat has sunk due to Sheila not realising boats do not steer like cars. What follows is not pretty as cold, hunger and Denise’s sharp tongue affects all of them. Will they be rescued? Only one mobile phone survived and Julie chose to phone her husband who was not at home! Here are 4 excellent parts for women who are up for being wet, bedraggled and muddy.


Sheila: Elected group leader but not a natural. She is optimistic and practical and tries to mediate between the others.

Denise: Furious at losing an expensive rucksack and her belongings. Sharp witted, sarcastic and aggressive particularly towards Julie. She has some of the best lines.

Julie: One of those annoying people who talks in platitudes. Has a big rucksack full of equipment no one needs. She is not sharp and shrivels easily but she and Denise end up in a fight.

Fay: Quite different from the other women, works in finance. Quieter, almost in a world of her own. Loves birds and has strong religious beliefs. Has had some kind of breakdown and nearly loses it again on the island.


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